Selling Lansbrook Homes


Pricing the home

Getting the price right from on onset is important. In tight markets, most real estate agents do not want to entertain the idea of “testing the waters” with a higher price. There’s really no point. It’s our job to properly scrutinize your home against other homes recently sold, under contract, and currently on the market. Once we do that, we will discuss listing price with you.

Our Agreement

Upon entering into the sales contract, you will be given an estimated net sheet, completely outlining your costs in selling your home. I can come reasonably close to telling you what you can expect to net at the closing table. We have competitive as well as flexible commission rates. We do everything we can for you to net the highest return on your home.

Staging Helps

Many homes in Lansbrook need very little sprucing up. Again, in our current buyer’s market first impressions are very important. We offer free staging advice and will even offer to help you change things around to improve the outcome of your sale. In the past, we have done everything from yard work to painting to assist a homeowner get to the closing table. Just ask us for help.

Extreme Marketing

Our marketing team almost never sleeps. It’s what sets us apart from the rest. Exposure is what you need to get your home sold. Internet exposure, MLS exposure, word of mouth exposure, various forms of advertising exposure, open house exposure. Technology is your best friend today. Lipply Real Estate is no stranger to technology. We have multiple high powered, highly visible websites that will feature your home: Tampa Bay Real Estate,, Lansbrook Real Estate,, and many other online resources. We have a very strong Internet presence, no doubt this is probably how you found us! In addition, we will offer you full MLS coverage, a listing on, a virtual tour, the proper yard signs and home flyers, frequent open houses, and a possibly even a broker’s open to introduce your home to other agents.


Knowing when to talk and when to listen is the key to a successful negotiation. Our track record of getting the best price whether we are on the buying or the selling end of a deal will be put into high gear for you too.

Closing Details

There’s lots of work to do from the minute we get an offer in order for you to end up smiling at the closing table. These things don’t just fall into place either. Our experience has taught us that if we leave one thing to chance, we haven’t done our job. You can put your trust in use that every “T” will be crossed and every “I” will be dotted. We will be fully involved with the home inspection, the appraisal, the insurance process, title issues, whatever it takes to keep us marching our way to the closing table.